Morning Commute

I miss commuting by bicycle.

I used to commute everywhere by bicycle, particularly when I was in college. Then I got older, and married, and the commuting slowed. The miles didn't slow, just the commuting. A few years ago, I lived about 7 miles from work, and commuting was great when I was working in the office. (My life as a surveyor had me out of the office more often than not. Commuting by bicycle was not always an option.) Then I moved out of town. Not far, but farther; about 17 miles. Still doable by bicycle, but less likely.

Then I changed employment.

Now I live 26+ miles from work, if I take the freeway. (Thank goodness for motorcycles. I can still be on two wheels.) The bicycle requires surface streets and is nearly 30 miles, one way. Well, today, I rode that 30 miles. I was suprised how I felt at the end of it. It was good. Unfortunately, or thankfully, I got a ride, in a car, back home.

I need to do this more often.